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woman wearing customized floral print silk chiffon dress
natural silk
Are you looking for understated fashion with a distinct style? Our customizable collection includes great geometric & floral prints (notably roses inspired by the "Jardin de la Malmaison") and solid colors.
man wearing louis slim fit suit from high quality wool
natural wool
Are you looking for a perfectly fitted suit? You are at the right place. Personalize your preferences with our 100% wool catalogue. For a more cutting edge look, contact us in the Self Style Creation section.
Our app: Measure-To-Fit
The software solution which adjusts every outfit to your morphology anywhere!

After you upload two photos from any smartphone camera, we will determine your body measurements and make the garment that will fit you best.

Important: Your photos are sent to our servers, which are encrypted and secure and are processed up to 10 seconds, then they are completely deleted.

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