Are we in the era of tailored clothing?

You may have never been to a designer. Wearing tailor-made clothes is a practice for those with a taste for elegance. Why?

The made to measure hits those who appreciate the art of clothing. In the era we live, tyrannical and powerful fashion rules our buying customs by imposing global brands. Without realizing it, women in their desire for seduction dress alike and ordinarily. Ready-to-wear establishes trends, colors and fabrics. It makes outfits commonplace and frees women from the constraints of the elegance of the past. Ready-to-wear even decides on the perfect size of those who will wear the clothing apparel. For profit reasons, it is carried out despite the quality of the product itself. However, precious fabrics like silk have their own place in the fast-fashion industry. It is a place reserved for an elite that does without price demands. Likewise, made-to-measure clothing is aimed at those with a taste for luxury, art and the ultimate in comfortable garment. Choosing clothes carefully is part of the way that we are, move and are seen as an individual. Above all, we cover to go out, to see and to be seen. The passion for beautiful adornments, isn't this one of the first consequences of civilization?

The art of dressing, a means of social distinction?

For those who set themselves a higher requirement, women’s suit should be well adjusted, comfortable. It helps us maintain a certain degree of heat on the surface of our body. For such needs, we have to choose natural fabrics such as silk, known for its absorbent and hypoallergenic qualities. According to some studies, clothing is a real marker of intimacy. Through its color, shape and associated accessories, it reveals the mood of the person wearing them. As, unconsciously, when we dress in the morning, we make choices that reflect our mood or our thoughts.

Is customizing giving grace to tailored clothing?

We love the finery. We are looking for elegance and liveliness. We are in perpetual quest for novelty and fantasy. And we are right because each of us is unique. So what won't we do to be irresistible? Most of the time, we diversify the cuts. Remember, ready-to-wear offers a limited choice and cannot meet this need to be unique, to be ourself. It is only by personalizing our garments that we can truly stand out from the crowd.

What is personalization?

Used in the Middle Ages as a sign of nobility, customization creates a sort of story-telling around clothing. For example, on silk dresses, women put the coats of arms or weapons of their family. Depending on the region, we could add emblems, flowers or birds. Each dress has its story. It is up to everyone to create it.

Creative clothing, is it possible?

Fantasy has an important place in a feminine wardrobe. While looking for diversity, we use accessories to make a difference to our apparel. Belts, bows, beads and other adornments help us style our outfits. However, in a clothing design, the search for harmony remains the common thread, also the inspiration drawn from art: classical, Greek, Roman, romantic or baroque. To each woman her style, her fantasy!
Do you want to personalize your outfits?

You can also consider luxurious, unique female dresses, according to your fancy or your age.

Tips for displaying a personal dress style:

  • Match your garments with the other elements of your wardrobe (shoes, coats, overcoats and other accessories etc.)
  • Imagine the circumstances in which you wear your fashion design
  • Wear clothes adjusted to your body type
  • Choose the cuts that suit your body shape, depending on your height
  • Select colors in harmony with the color of your hair and your skin
  • Think about the colors you like to wear and which look good on you
  • Decide on the length and width of your outfits for optimal comfort
  • Choose quality natural fabrics
  • Consider the details of your clothes

Josephine Silk Couture is an online sewing workshop. We can assist you in creating a complete, tailor-made wardrobe. We will take into account the characteristics of your body and the complexion of your skin. We advise you which personal details you desire to add. Our application calculates with the help of two photos all the measurements necessary for a personalized garment. Thanks to our 3D scanning technology your order is delivered in less than 14 days anywhere in the world.  It's up to you to tell us about your custom made clothing dreams!