Silk stories

chic print silk fabric
The spirit of Josephine Silk Couture is “be chic, be unique”. Silk is elegance. So, the question remains, how to be unique using silk?
high quality australian wool fabric
Styling your costume should not be left to chance. We want to provide the perfect suit for you: something chic and unique. One of the most important factors to be considered is your choice of fabric.
woman wearing catherine plain silk crepe midi dress with bow
Principally created to meet women’s expectations, Josephine Silk Couture aims to make each woman feel chic and unique while highlighting everyone’s story, lifestyle, longings etc.
woman wearing marie jeanne silk chiffon mini dress
Formerly reserved for offerings to gods and some privileged people in the ancient times, today the wearing of silk still strikes with wonder. Silk is elegance, however, it is not so common to dress in silk.