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A cookie is a small file transferred from a web server to your browser or hard drive when you visit a website such as If your browser is set to accept cookies, they will be stored in the browser or hard drive until the expiration date is exceeded or until you delete the cookies yourself.

What are the cookies we use?

Cookies provide our Website with information about your browsing, in particular your preferences. This information will make it possible to carry out statistical and advertising studies, in order to:

  • Improve your browsing experience
  • Further personalize our offers of products and services.

You will find below the uses of cookies on our website.




Social media | networks

  • Interact our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) with our Website
  • Allow you to express your opinion, share it with your friends
  • Allow us to measure the performance of our ads on social networks
  • To learn more, refer to the privacy and cookies policies of these respective social networks

Google Analytics

  • These cookies are collected in an anonymous form, stored and transmitted by Google.
  • Collect information on how visitors use our Website (the details of the Website that the visitor has visited, and the total number of times they have visited the Website)
  • Optimize our Website and our products & services, and improve the browsing experience of our visitors.
  • For more information, refer to Google's privacy and cookies policies.

Google Remarketing

  • Target users who have already interacted with our Website.
  • Present our ads to these audiences when they are browsing Google or its partner sites.

Abandoned Checkouts

  • An abandoned basket is an order that a user has not completed to the end.
  • Email these users to find out why they could not complete their orders


How can you give your selective consent?

You can give your selective consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the button:

  • "YES | NO" of each cookie in the cookies banner
  • "SAVE" in the cookies banner

In addition, if you continue browsing by leaving this policy on cookies without making a specific choice of data processing, you accept the use of all cookies.

How can you disable cookies?

Browsers can be configured to accept or disable cookies freely and at any time through configuration settings. For your information, the proper functioning of the Website may be compromised or restricted when you disable functional or browsing cookies. For more information, refer to the cookie and preferences management rules in your browser.

How can you contact us?

For more information on your rights or for any assistance, you can write to us in the Client Service section or