How can silk worn on a daily basis improve the quality of your life?

Formerly reserved for offerings to gods and some privileged people in the ancient times, today the wearing of silk still strikes with wonder. Silk is elegance, however, it is not so common to dress in silk. The material is capricious to cut and sew. Once these difficulties are overcome, what are the qualities of this "precious" fabric?

  • Silk can improve sleep

Silk is a natural fiber with a shiny effect, is light weight and is soft to the touch with no equal. Another important feature is its thermal conductivity. Thanks to its isothermal properties, silk is recommended in winter and summer. In winter, it keeps the heat for a pleasant warm  feeling; in summer, it keeps one fresh due to the high absorption power making your skin feel dry. Breathable fabric makes clothes comfortable!

  • Silk helps avoid allergies

The technique of cocoon processing retains the natural substances in the silk: silk is a hypoallergenic fabric and is resistant to mold and mites.

  • Silk should provide value

Silk is a strong fiber and resistant to breaking: Silk thread can be stretched up to five times its initial length before breaking. The fabric is very durable if properly maintained!

Not surprising that amazing touch & look properties of silk keep inspiring creative couture lovers. 

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