How can you be chic and unique thanks to Josephine Silk Couture online boutique?

Principally created to meet women’s expectations, Josephine Silk Couture aims to make each woman feel chic and unique while highlighting everyone’s story, lifestyle, longings etc. The idea was born of a desire to use technology to overcome the frustrations of many women with ready-to-wear items that are not cut to embrace the morphology of each client.

Things of the past

How many times have you found an ideal garment, one that represented you in style and color but unfortunately did not fit your size? How many times have you blamed your measures as if you were guilty of not meeting the standards dictated by fast fashion? How many times have you looked for the dress of your dreams in all the fashion boutiques without ever finding it? How many times have you wanted a finer fabric that unfortunately did not exist on the market at a reasonable price?

These disappointments are now a thing of the past! Josephine Silk Couture is the answer to all these problems. 

We introduce technological know-how needed to transform the fashion market into a high-added value industry

Josephine Silk Couture encourages and assists women to build a unique wardrobe, made-to-measure, cut from a natural durable fabric and customizable according to their desire anywhere in the world. Today, thanks to our 3D scan technology it is possible to calculate all measurements required for a personalized outfit from only two photos. Convinced that "fashion goes by but style remains", Josephine Silk Couture offers you stylistic guidance to discover the cuts, fabrics and colors that fit you best and assert your personality. You can choose styles in our catalog that are both timeless and elegant. Their variety will allow you to adapt to any circumstance such as business, casual, holidays, cocktails etc. All pieces in the collection are customizable according to your taste in colors, lengths, etc. when placing your order. 

Our Self Style Creation process provides you with the tools to create your own outfits!

To meet your most creative wishes, Josephine Silk Couture will tailor pieces according to a model, pattern or design belonging to you, as long as it is compatible with the available fabrics and for a cost to be determined according to the complexity of the demand. As a result, you will have personal control over the manufacture process by choosing the fabric, the color and the cut.

Why do you select Josephine Silk Couture?

We give importance to quality and transparency, especially in terms of information on the characteristics of fabrics through a quality charter, and naturally offer the perfect fit guarantee!

Josephine Silk Couture favors sustainable development, eliminating the waste associated with fabric and clothing stocks in series, while opting for natural fabrics.

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