How to take your measurements?


The Perfect Fit Policy is very important to us. For this purpose, we will require some data input from you during your purchase journey, at the checkout process at the latest.

We use a 3D scanning technology to remotely calculate your body measurements, and to make it as painless as possible for you. In order to ensure the highest accuracy, we require you to take manually by yourself four body measurements to verify the consistency of all digital measurements. These measurement items are marked with a symbol (*). 

Alternatively, you can opt not to use our 3D scanning technology. In this case, you are required to take and report the full set of your body measurements manually by yourself, under your own responsibility.

In both situations, please read the present guide detailing instructions on how to take the measurements yourself.

What you will need:

  • A sewing tape measure
  • Assistance from someone
  • To wear well-fitting clothes that don’t hide your body shape
    • Dense fabrics may also affect the results
    • Empty your pockets

When taking measurements:

  • Stand upright and breath normally
  • Keep the measuring tape comfortable, not tight (you should feel the tape and be able to pass your index finger between the tape and your body).
  • All measurements should be made to the nearest centimeter (round up to the nearest centimeter).
  • Use the My Measurements Form to record your own measurements in centimeters (cm) .

All your figure saved on your Account are "standard" measurements. You can customize your outfit on:

  • Desired cut: Please enter the desired cut for your garment on the Customization form ("Regular fit" or "Slim fit")

Regular fit is the traditional cut of clothes. Regular fit garments fit loosely around the body without being baggy. The chest, waist, arms and feet are relaxed and looser in this fit type, whereas slim fit garments fit more tightly in comparison. The slim fit garments mean more constriction for you and maintain a clean body shape.

  • Five linear parameters: Please enter your customization on the Customization form ("add" or "subtract")

You can opt for a "shorter" with any centimeter subtraction or "longer" with any extra centimeter from your "standard" measurements: sleeve, jacket, trouser, dress, and skirt length. 


Finally, if you have any disabilities or physical shaping that might affect the wear of the garment, please tell us by writing in the blank space on the FINAL OBSERVATION checkout form, e.g. very rounded shoulders, curved back, broken arm, etc.



The following pages describe how to take your measurements. Please provide a measurement in centimeters. Use the My Measurement form to record them.