Our Operations & Commitments

Our mission is to offer everyone a unique elegance by introducing the necessary technological know-how and selecting 100% natural materials, with a strategic priority for sustainable development. How do we do?

Josephine Silk Couture uses as a basic principle verified fabrics from the natural world

We place priority on natural materials. Natural fiber, silk can offer a better quality of life: Silk can improve sleep, help protect against allergies. It is also made to last: Solid and fracture resistant fiber, silk is durable if properly maintained!

Our structure and our quality charter ensure that our materials are under strict control of origin and quality before production. This allows us to provide high quality products to our customers.

silk worm production process

Pictures: Hills of mulberry trees (right). Breeding silkworms in large trays: Caterpillars on mulberry leaves (middle). Caterpillars clinging to twig frames to spin their cocoon (left). Central Highlands region of Vietnam

Josephine Silk Couture promotes local production in the whole process

We have been developing our know-how in the manufacture of silk garments for decades and encourage local production, from selective sericulture and silk production in Vietnam to making outfits delivered to your wardrobe. This allows us to maintain control over the traceability of the sector, share market knowledge and create synergies at the regional scale.

production process of manufacturing silk clothes

Pictures : Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam: Our couture workshops (left). Central Highlands region of Vietnam: Industrial spinning of silk | Raw silk (middle); Industrial weaving of silk | Satin weave (right).

Josephine Silk Couture introduces technological know-how needed to transform the fashion market into a high added-value industry

Our Measure-to-fit app, using 3D scan technology with 2 photos downloaded from a smartphone or computer, can remotely and automatically create a digital pattern taking into account any morphology in just seconds. All you need to customize your natural silk garment is a smartphone or PC, it really is that easy!

We take great care in improving the customer experience, especially through our Quick Response Order process. This allows to eliminate waste associated with fabric and clothing inventory in series and produce only to meet the customer needs.

The benefits from our quick response order system include high quality products since our garments are handcrafted under strict quality control throughout the process, international door-to-door shipments within two weeks with DHL and price transparency for a relaxing experience since our prices include air express shipping cost and taxes.
Why do you select Josephine Silk Couture?

We value quality and transparency, and naturally offer the perfect fit guarantee.

Our Self Style Creation process provides you with the tools to create a variety of outfits from silk shirts or trousers for daily use, dresses for events to suits for business meetings. You will have personal control over the manufacture process by choosing the fabric, the color and the cut. 

Discover now our wide range of silk fabrics ranging from the finest 8mm chiffon to the thickest like the 40mm toshi, from solid colors to trendy prints.