Our quality charter

Beautiful or expensive, this is not the quality assurance factor of an outfit. So how can we choose a quality garment and get value for money? Here are some of the standards that guide our practices to ensure high quality products and help you identify good and poor-quality clothes.


We select our fabrics according to strict criteria


Outfits can be sewn with a variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics. However, the natural wool or silk fabric has distinctive properties compared to blended or synthetic fabrics. Woolen fabrics adapt to the seasons: They let heat sweat in summer and keep it in winter.

We select fabrics with clear origin such as fiber and fabric names and audit our partner suppliers if necessary. If its origin is unclear, the fabric may reveal unpredictable properties: it may cause a skin itch sensation and the formation of tiny tufts of fiber on the surface of the fabric shortly after use.We also select fabrics with clear fiber content, such as information on the number of woven fibers per square cm (Super for wool) and the weight of the fabric per square meter (momme for silk and g/m² for wool). The ideal fabrics for an everyday suit often have a Super between 80's and 150's. In addition, it will be best to choose a suit with fabrics weighing less than 300 grams for the summer and more than 400 grams for the cold season.


Our manufacturing process targets high quality products


We audit each finished product. We control the quality of the seams and correct the seams of poor quality: For example, seams visible from the outside on assemblies, non-flat and non-identical lines of threads, seams on old lines, redundant thread ends.The buttonhole is also an important element. The tailor’s attention to this detail reflects the quality of the high-end garment.  We make sure that buttonholes on your outfit do not have too much fringed edges, are not too wide, too tight or even irregularly cut.


Using our 3D scanning technology, we guarantee to consumers the perfect fit to their measurements



The most expensive outfits will become cheap if they do not fit the user. A perfect fit means that you will be comfortable while moving, standing up and sitting without feeling your tight clothes; At the same time, your appearance is always elegant and smooth from top to bottom.

Our tailors always adjust a garment to the customer's measurements and to the desired cut. We offer regular and slim fits. Regular fit is the traditional cut of clothes. Regular fit garments fit loosely around the body without being too loose. The chest, waist, arms, and feet are more relaxed and looser in this fit type, whereas slim fit garments are more adjusted in comparison. Slim fit garments mean more constriction for you and maintain a clean body shape.

As a result, check your needs & measurements before confirming your order! In rare occasions when a garment is defective when delivered to you, don’t miss any opportunity to inform us or to participate in our customer survey. We value the opinions of our customers and their feedback will provide us with the information necessary to continually improve the customer experience and our products & services.


Why choose Josephine Silk Couture?

We select our suppliers based on strict standards and guarantee customers perfect fit products.