Self style creation

Do you dream of creating a unique piece? Have you seen a garment you would like to recreate?

Self Style Creation is the perfect choice to help you be chic and unique. We can provide you with the tools to create a variety of outfits from silk shirts or trousers for daily use, dresses for events (cocktails, cruises, summer holidays or other events) to suits for business meetings. You will have personal control over the production process by choosing the fabric, the color and the cut

All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter your special request: description of style & materials and pictures
  2. Feedback from our designer: Accept, Decline or Make new Offer
  3. Provide your measurements (manual or digital measurements)
  4. Payment & Confirmation
  5. Production of the garment
  6. Express Delivery (3 weeks from order confirmation)

Why Self Style Creation with Josephine Silk Couture?

  • We offer unique access to our high-end fabrics catalogue, and our designers are there to help you style your unique look
  • You will enjoy an outfit perfectly fitted to your morphology through our 3D scanning measurement technology and our Perfect Fit Guaranty
  • We provide international door-to-door delivering in 3 weeks.


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