Sizing & Measurements

How does the digital measurement process work?

Please follow these steps:

1. Create your account, if applicable

  • Login or Sign-up
  • Enter general information (account and about you)

2. Get measured digitally from any link to the Measure-to-Fit app

  • Enter your height and gender
  • Upload two pictures of yourselves (front and side)
  • Click on CONTINUE for the system to automatically calculate your body measurements. These measurements will be saved in your account.

3. Confirm the digital measurements

  • Take 3 body measurements yourself manually with a tape measure (chest, waist, low hips) or ask someone to help you
  • Compare your results with the digital measurements displayed on the screen
  • If all discrepancies are in the -2 cm / + 2 cm (about -0.7 in / +0.7 in) range, click on "CONFIRM" to save your digital measurements
  • Otherwise, please repeat the process by clicking on "BACK" to download new photos
How does the manual measurement process work?

You can alternatively choose not to use our 3D scan technology. In this case, you should follow these steps:

1. Create your account, if applicable

  • Login or Sign-up
  • Enter your general information (account and about you)

2. Get measured manually from any link to Manual Measuring

  • Read our Measurement Instructions in the Measurements section of your Account, to start
  • Take a tape measure
  • Manually measure yourself or ask someone to help you
  • Fill-in the measurement form.
  • Click on CONFIRM any time to keep your data entries

3. Click on CONFIRM when finishing for the system to save in your account as confirmed

When do I need to provide my measurements?

The system will ask for your measurements when you register for the first time, or during the checkout process. Anyway, we confirm your order only after you confirm your body measurements.

Are the measurements taken by your 3D technology reliable?

Our 3D technology currently uses the data of about 25,000 end users to estimate with high precision all the body measurements (about 2 cm or 0.7 in of tolerance). We recommend you use this method to get your body measurements. Alternatively, you can also measure yourself and manually submit your body measurements.

How can I take my pictures?

To get the best results, we recommend you ask someone to take your pictures and follow these steps:
1. Find a well lit location

  • Make sure that the color of the background is slightly different from the colors of your clothes

2. Prepare yourself

  • Wear casual clothes that don’t hide your body shape: simple tight cloths or underwear
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes: dresses, jackets and blazers, skirts, scarves that cover your body shape, long sleeves; dense fabrics may also affect the results
  • Make sure that your hair doesn’t cover your shoulders: tie long hair up
  • Remove high heels: be barefoot

3. Prepare your smartphone camera

  • Keep it vertical and around 2.5 m (about 8.2 ft) away from you
  • The height of your smartphone camera should be between your hips and chest

4. Take the front picture

  • Stand naturally and relaxed in front and facing the camera: we require a full body shot
  • Keep your arms straight and slightly away from your body
  • Your arms should not be crossed behind the back, neither pressed tight to your sides, nor be in your pockets
  • Keep your feet straight and parallel, and spread them slightly

5. Take the side-picture

  • Stand naturally and relaxed with your side facing the camera: you should not look at the camera; we require a full body shot
  • Your arms shouldn’t obstruct the body's silhouette lines
  • Keep your feet straight and parallel, and spread them slightly
Can I have different measurements in the same account?

For the moment, our policy only allows one set of body measurements per account. If you want to order products for different people in a family, you must register in different accounts.

Can I change my sizing after submitting my order?

Please note that once a pattern has been made, it is pretty difficult to revert. Please contact us in the Client Service section as soon as possible. We will do our best to assist you.

Why are my digital measurements not accurate?

In case of big discrepancies between digital and manual measurements, make sure that:

  • The connection signal power level is high
  • Your smartphone camera is 2.5m (about 8.2 ft) away from you
  • You are not wearing loose fitting clothes, your long hair is tied up
  • And your pose is correct: The stance of your arms and feet is correct

If you still encounter difficulties, please send us an email via the Client Service section with your pictures for a check and we will guide you through the process.

Do I have to measure myself each time I order?

Fit and sizing accuracy is directly related to the photos and other information you provide. All of your personal data are saved to your account. If your size has changed significantly since the last time you ordered, fill out the size again and select the "CHANGE" option in the Measurement section of your Account.

What do you do with my pictures?

After you upload two photos, they are sent to our servers, which are encrypted and secure. Your photos are processing there only up to 10 seconds, then they are fully removed. We store only measurements and all information about users (measurements, gender, height).