Happy customers

Anelle C., Personal Stylist in Paris
woman with Victoire silk dress

When I was for the first time in touch with Josephine Silk Couture boutique I was seduced by the multitude of colors and prints. I quickly ordered some samples to check if those fabrics were as beautiful as on the web and was surprised by the high quality of silk. As a stylist I can even say some silk materials like silk kawa and silk toshi are exclusively offered here in Europe by Josephine Silk Couture. Moreover, the 3D body scan technology is easy to use and with these body measures the clothes fit perfectly. I strongly recommend Josephine Silk Couture as it is a high end brand for those who are more into slow style fashion and want to show individualism through clothing. 

Agnès L., young working girl in San Francisco
young woman wearing marie jeanne small purple pink flowers chiffon silk dress

I firstly read an article about Josephine Silk Couture in the Chicago Booth magazine and I was eager to try this online boutique as they customize clothes depending on the client demand. I always bought ready-to-wear before and had to modify the garments at the tailor. So I ordered Marie Jeanne dress and personalised as it follows: I chose the small purple pink flower fabric, I decided the lenght 2 inches before the knees and the chest width. The result was fantastic. It fits perfectly on me. I am in love with my silk dress and absolutely recommend Josephine to all those women that appreciate silk and need to change the standard size. Moreover, the delivery with DHL was quick and safe within 12 days.