Silk outfits or fancy clothes?

Silk, one of the most graceful fabrics, is timeless. No parade without at least one silk garment in the spotlight. Silk clothing is present in the haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. It seduces with its natural side, exceptionally soft and shiny. High-quality fabric, silk has passed through the ages. It gave trends and influences in style and fashion. In comparison with lace and brocade, silk is the only one to have survived the revolution of synthetic fibers. Can today’s technical fabrics replace silk?

Why do women like to wear silk outfits?

First of all, there are myths and legends that have aroused such keen interest in wearing silk. For example, the myth of the Silk Road has fueled great fancy. The same goes for the origin of the fabric, created to cover religious deities. Wearing silk apparel would be in the same row?

In France, laws have played a role in the fashion industry. The social distinction was established by the wearing of defined colors and the quality of the fabrics. In other words, people without established rank were not allowed to wear silk clothes until the 19th century.

These bans have had a significant impact on the collective imagination. They influenced the commercial prosperity of silk, most often associated with luxury. Once people gained the freedom of choice, there was a craze to buy outfits from this fabric.  Women preferred silk dresses in order to display feminine elegance. In addition, they were seen as a sign of vanity.

Silk outfits vs fancy clothes

Nowadays, we choose silk to give grace to the design of clothes. The mid-range uses fabrics that blend silk with other synthetic textiles. Furthermore, it adapts cuts and ornaments from high-end brands. This can be confusing.  What are we really looking for? `

The taste for new leads us to fancy clothes that are more accessible and easily renewable.

However, silk garments, at higher prices, remain timeless for those who wish to shine. Since the fundamentals of fashion change little, it is easy to accessorize classic cuts. To illustrate, we can add personal details, such as brooches, collars, beads, belts, jewelry, etc. Moreover, well-known artists, in search of fantasy, exhibit silk dresses. In this way, they created outfits of printed silk. The latter take up floral motifs, impressionist landscapes or geometric shapes of cubist inspiration. Fashion takes hold of art. The creation of silk clothing is in the spotlight to satisfy the whims of buyers that compete for elegance.

Finally, choosing clothes carefully is synonymous with choosing good living conditions. In fact, everyday clothes, like the food we eat, affect everyone’s body and morale. Clothes help us maintain a certain amount of heat on the surface of the body. For this reason, it is important to choose fabrics of natural origin such as silk. This splendid fabric has a role of thermal conductivity recommended in summer as in winter. In summer, silk suits retain freshness thanks to their high degree of absorption. In winter, to dress warmly, we wear a silk blouse. This keeps the heat for a pleasant feeling of the skin.

In conclusion, silk apparel has passed time and space. It has seduced artists and raised the demands of fashion. It satisfied the scruples of women. Wearing silk today is no longer vanity or social affiliation. Rather, it is about being responsible for yourself and your comfort, as well as nature and the environment. Josephine Silk Couture offers you 100% natural silk garments, made to measure and customized. It’s up to you to create your silk wardrobe!